Hello. Thank you for visiting us. We are The Design Conspiracy and we love great design and craft. We started out life back in 2001 as a group of friends forming a graphic design agency, working with lots of amazing clients on many different projects, to create intrigue and provoke reaction. Times changed, we grew, we shrank, we changed, we moved on.
Today, we are now April (original founding partner, designer, pop master) and Adam (logistician, statto, pop master). We are also sister and brother. Although we've evolved, the principles, inspiration and influences remain. Inspiration is all around us, from the past, from the present, from music, film, sport and everyday design. 
That inspiration helps us to create and collate a range of products that will hopefully bring joy to whoever may receive them. We still hope to provoke a reaction - raise a smile, an eyebrow, or maybe a topic of conversation. If the products we sell do that, then our work is done.
We'll be constantly updating our stock, with new ideas created by us, other goodies we've sourced and vintage treasure we find, so be sure to keep checking us out. Happy Shopping!

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