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This personalised eighties/nineties inspired record label print would make an ideal gift for a music lover.


Is there a particular song that conjures up a special person or pinpoints a special memory in yours or their life? It could be a favourite song, a song that was number one when they were born, or a song that defines a great time spent together or a crazy night out! It can be a totally made up song! You can now dedicate that song to that person with one of our personalised prints.


It would make an ideal birthday gift, thank you gift, wedding gift or just a spontaneous celebration of your song to hang on your own wall that's totally bespoke and unique!


Choose your song (song title) and who it is dedicated to (artist's name), who it's from (written and arranged by...) and even the date (birthday, leaving date etc), to make it a truly personal and unique gift. It would make a great gift for a son or daughter, mum or dad, husband, wife, best friend, sister or brother, whoever.


There are two design options to choose from, black or white, both complete with a coloured paint splat effect.


You can choose a colour for 'Artist's Name' from our list of options - Black, Hot Pink, Turquoise Blue or Green.


The print comes framed your with the option of a black or white frame.


Size: 230mm x 230mm

Material: Archival Matte 190gsm

Print: High Quality Inkjet

80s style Personalised Record Label Print

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