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The first in the "come to..." series, Come to France, written by Irene Dark and illustrated by John Berry, paints a beautiful image in words and pictures of what we knew about France in a time before we joined the EEC, which became the EU, and it is probably this fair description that draws millions of us to visit this beautiful country every year. 


Open-air cafés, coffee and ice cream, warm sunshine, croissants, millionaire's yachts, they all conjure up images that lure you to jump on the Eurostar!


We have 2 copies, one a 1969 first edition and one from a few years later. Both are in very, very good condition. They both have owner's names written in the front cover and the older book has a little bit of biro colouring in on the front cover, around the Ladybird symbol.


A great read for all ages



Come to France