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If you are of a certain age (like me) one look at the cover of this book will immediately ignite memories of two of the most iconic images from the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics and the triumphs and disaster of sport. Who can forget Daley Thompson's back flip on the pole vault mat and then whistling along to God Save The Queen on the top step of the podium? And then there was Mary Decker, World Champion and crowd favourite, crying on the floor after tripping over Zola Budd's bare foot!


Anyway, back to the book!


Written by Bill Tancred and released before the games took place, it gives details of all the Olympic events and has colour photographs of many of the world's top sportsmen and women. The 1980 Olympic winners are listed together with the current (at the time) Olympic records. There is even space for the reader to record the 1984 gold medal winners. Some of these, but not many, have been filled in by the original owner but it doesn't detract from what is a book in exceptional condition.


Treat yourself to a little piece of sporting nostalgia.






Ladybird Book - Olympics 84

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