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We've all got that special location that means a lot to us. It maybe somewhere you feel happiest, somewhere you shared good times with someone, a place you met, a celebration, home or a holiday. There are sometimes words that can sum up or trigger those memories of that place and time. We put those words together with that place to create a beautiful and bold, unique image to share with everyone that sees it.


You give us your location and we'll source a vintage (or possibly newer) map of that region. You then choose the words that mean something special to you and that place, it could be a family saying, a joke, a song or simply 'our happy place'. We will then arrange that typographically to create a bold layout that works with the map and then we'll send you an email with digital file to approve. Once you are happy with the layout we will screen print over the map in gorgeous neon ink.


Sizes vary based on the area requested, wording and also availbility of maps for that location, this can all be agreed as part of the approval process.



Small Square 23cm x 23cm when framed

Medium 20cm x 30cm framed

Large 30cm x 40cm framed

Personalised Special Place Map Print

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