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Yep, that's it. All done. Finito.

The Design Conspiracy is saying farewell after 23 years of official existence. It's been one hell of a ride with some amazing highs and devastating lows along the way. All the emotions. All the projects. Oh the memories. Nights in pubs conjuring up ideas of design brilliance and plans for world domination, winning awards with actual diamonds, randomly meeting a James Bond, mice, mould, losing clients, winning clients, gusty wet days in the 'shed'! 

Thank you to every single person that has supported this crazy business from day one, through all of its incarnations (and premises), you've been brilliant and given all of us Conspirators some adventures (and wages) we will treasure forever.

If you're looking for goods to buy, you can find a selection over here or if you need to get in touch, you can do that here.


Adios x



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